I've just embraced the stereotypical "designer who's obsessed with coffee" at this point. I use this list to remember all of the roasts I've tried and liked. Honestly, it's my own shopping guide for when I need to get more.

I brew all of my coffee as pour overs with a 14.5:1 ratio in either a Fellow Stagg or a Chemex.


Papa New Guinea, Organic, Natural Red Whale Coffee from San Rafael, CA bright, citrus, green grapes 4/5

Campfire Blend Firecreek Coffee Company from Flagstaff, AZ sweet, medium/light body, milk chocolate 3/5


Finca Los Remedios Drip Cafe Especial from Mexico City, MX almendra, vainilla, chocolate, naranja madura 4/5


Northern Lights Onyx Coffee Lab, Fellow, and Jack Fusco mandarin orange, honeysuckle, melon, fruit punch 4/5


Wush Wush — Natural Ethiopia Elixr Coffee from Philadelphia, PA grape soda, watermelon, mango, milky way 3/5


Brazilian Cake Lady Red Bay Coffee from Oakland, CA golden raisin, nougat, citrus zest 2/5


Kilenso Ethiopia Coava from Portland, OR lavender, cantaloupe, fresh cream 4/5

Mardi Gras King Cake Community Coffee Company from Baton Rouge, LA cinnamon, vanilla, icing 2/5


Kenya Kirinyaga Kagumo Modern Times Coffee from San Diego, CA cocoa, tamarind, honey 1/5


Frank Sumatra Alpine Air Coffee Roasting from Teton Valley, ID earthy cedar, chocolate, light citrus 5/5


Motherland Red Bay Coffee from Oakland, CA orange blossom, turbinado sugar, damson plum 4/5


Toro Devoción from Brooklyn, NY cocoa, vanilla, cherry, almond 4/5

Guisela Bustamante Jibaja Peru Fortunate Coffee Co from Traverse City, MI pear jam, buttered toast, caramel 3/5


Rwanda Dukorere Kawa Pretty Coffee Roasting from New Orleans, LA grape jelly, tootsie rolls, black tea 4/5

Columbia 48 hour fermentation Pair Cupworks from Mesa, AZ stone fruit, tropical sweetness, merlot 3/5


Banner Dark Sightglass from San Francisco, CA bittersweet cocoa, toffee, graham cracker 4/5


Coast Rica Natural Hey Coffee Co. from New Orleans, LA peach, floral, tart strawberry 4/5


Hama, Ethiopia Ritual Coffee from San Francisco, CA watermelon, peach, oolong tea 2/5

Ejo Heza, Rwanda Ritual Coffee from San Francisco, CA orange, grapefruit, mango 5/5


Dark Roast Gnarwhal Coffee Co. from Seattle, WA cocoa, dark cherry, brown sugar 3/5

Mexican Terruno Nayarita Red Whale Coffee from San Rafael, CA chocolate, cinnamon, caramel and coconut 4/5


Guacanas 200 Hour Exotic Corvus Coffee Roasters from Denver, CO effervescent cherry liqueur, intense cocoa nibs, dried cactus rind 5/5


Monarch Onyx Coffee Lab from Rogers, AR dark chocolate, molasses, red wine, dried berries, thick & syrupy 5/5

Black Lion Sextant Coffee Roasters from San Francisco, CA blueberries, honey wine, raspberry, jasmine 4/5


Cosmic Shift Espresso Ritual Coffee from San Francisco, CA rose water, chocolate, pluot 3/5

Nano Challa Ethiopia Ritual Coffee from San Francisco, CA watermelon, honeycomb, lilac 3/5


Bedhatu Jibicho Ethiopia Compelling Coffee Roasters from Los Angeles, CA apricot, black tea, citrus soda 3/5


Trapiche Rayado, Columbia Ritual Coffee from San Francisco, CA cola, vanilla, licorice 3/5

Los Anonos, Costa Rica Ritual Coffee from San Francisco, CA apricots, grilled peaches, honey 4/5


Guatemala El Injerto Línea Caffe from San Francisco, CA muscovado sugar, banana, orange blossom, key lime pie 4/5


El Letrero - Creativa Natural Panama Edison from Flower Mound, TX ripe blackberry, brown sugar, figs 4/5

Guatemala Huehuetenango Pink Elephant Coffee Roasters from Park City, UT nutty, tart cherry 1/5

El Diablo Dark Roast Intelligentsia from Los Angeles, CA caramelized sugar, molasses, chocolate 3/5

Indonesia Single Origin Stumptown Coffee Roasters from Portland, OR sweet, chocolate, earthy 4/5


Eclipse Onyx Coffee Lab from Rogers, AR baker's chocolate, burnt sugar, smoked vanilla bean 4/5

Cxffeeblack Onyx Coffee Lab from Rogers, AR perfume, elderberry syrup, dark chocolate 5/5


Thicc Drip, Oaxaca Legal Speed Coffee & Supply Co. from Costa Mesa, CA cacao, baked peach, heavy mouthfeel 3/5

Brazil, Fazenda Rainha Handlebar Coffee Roasters from Santa Barbara, CA caramel, chocolate, nutty 5/5


Baby's Breakfast Roast Baby's Coffee from Key West, FL full city roast 2/5


Nola style, coffee & chicory blend Rêve Coffee Roasters from Lafayette, LA dark chocolate, chicory 3/5


Avery Island Blend Rêve Coffee Roasters from Lafayette, LA raspberry, stone fruit, dark chocolate 3/5

Santa Barbara, Columbia Rêve Coffee Roasters from Lafayette, LA plum, cherry, caramel 4/5