I brew all of my coffee as pour overs with a 14.5:1 ratio in either a Fellow Stagg or a Chemex.

Top Five

Just, like, my opinion.


Monarch Onyx Coffee Lab – Rogers, AR


Brazil, Fazenda Rainha Handlebar Coffee Roasters – Santa Barbara, CA


Ejo Heza Ritual Coffee Roasters – San Francisco, CA


Banner Dark Sightglass Coffee – San Francisco, CA


Santa Barbara, Columbia Rêve Coffee Roasters – Lafayette, LA


In no particular order. Each has an extremely impulsive, entirely subjective 5 star rating.

Santa Barbara, Columbia

Rêve Coffee Roasters

Lafayette, LA

Profile: plum, cherry, caramel


Nola style, coffee & chicory blend

Rêve Coffee Roasters

Lafayette, LA

Profile: dark chocolate, chicory


Thick and heavy with a deep chicory flavor. Your late-night-leads-to-early-morning cup of coffee, for when you need the extra kick that comes from a strong aroma and a hefty bite. The first sip brings me back to New Orleans hangovers spent in 24 hour diners or 6am cups of joe around a smoldering campfire.

Hama, Ethiopia

Ritual Coffee

San Francisco, CA

Profile: watermelon, peach, oolong tea


Each sip leads with a fruity aroma and with an average finish. I don't pick up on the peach, but the notes of melon are heavily apparent, to the point of tasting additive at times. As the cup starts to cool, the familiar coffee taste fades into the lingering fragrance that seems to get stuck in the back of your palette. This roast is my Earl Grey of coffee, a light and aromatic cup that most like but has a bit too much on the nose for me.

Trapiche Rayado, Columbia

Ritual Coffee

San Francisco, CA

Profile: cola, vanilla, licorice

Los Anonos, Costa Rica

Ritual Coffee

San Francisco, CA

Profile: apricots, grilled peaches, honey


Ejo Heza, Rwanda

Ritual Coffee

San Francisco, CA

Profile: orange, grapefruit, mango


A light, sweet cup with evident citrus notes. It’s clean and easy to drink. This might be my favorite roast from Ritual. Drinking it sends me back to early springs spent in my parrain’s mist covered satsuma orchard, watching him prune the trees and harvest the kumquats.

Baby’s Breakfast Roast

Baby’s Coffee

Key West, FL


A classic cup, this is what your parents had brewing each morning in their 8 cup glass coffee pot. It’s thick, full bodied, and pleasantly bitter. On the darker side of a full city roast, most subtle flavors are muted in favor of a familiar, easy to drink coffee taste.

Brazil, Fazenda Rainha

Handlebar Coffee Roasters

Santa Barbara, CA

profile: caramel, chocolate, nutty


I love this coffee. The smooth, rich chocolate taste hits you immediately and remains prevalent throughout the cup. But as it starts to cool, the sweet caramel begins to stand out and pops particularly hard in those last couple sips. I’ve found myself starting my second brew before I’ve finished the first just to taste it again. As a morning pour over or a trail ready aero press, this roast is a go to.

Guatemala El Injerto

Línea Caffe

profile: muscovado sugar, banana, orange blossom, key lime pie. Elegant caramel noted finish


Each sip is lighter than I expect—especially after grinding the dark, oily beans and releasing a heavy aroma, I expected a cup with a bit more weight on the front. But it’s refreshing, easy to drink, and unmistakably citrusy. Likely biased by reading the profile before trying it, it does remind me of drinking coffee at outdoor cafes in Key West before the city has woken up and drowned out the sounds of the ocean.

Indonesia Single Origin

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Portland, OR

profile: sweet, chocolate, earthy


Full bodied, dark

El Diablo Dark Roast


Los Angeles, CA

profile: caramelized sugar, molasses, chocolate


Guatemala Huehuetenango

Pink Elephant Coffee Roasters

Park City, UT

profile: nutty, tart cherry



El Letrero - Creativa Natural



profile: ripe blackberry, brown sugar, figs


Yabita Koba




Onyx Coffee Lab

Rogers, Arkansas

profile: dark chocolate, molasses, red wine, dried berries, thick & syrupy


Banner Dark


San Francisco, CA

profile: bittersweet cocoa, toffee, graham cracker


A hefty, dark cup. It reminds me of gas station coffee on a long road trip or late night volunteer group coffee—almost too dark, but really needed right now. I prefer it thick like this coffee.