Mac Cormier


Oh hey there, I'm Mac.

I'm a cajun, colorblind product designer from Louisiana and am currently living in San Francisco, CA. You'll mostly find me on my road bike, carving linoleum blocks for printing, or wandering the Mission for another burrito.

I'm currently at Square, Inc. where I lead a team focused on banking for small business owners. We made the Square Card together. It's incredibly empowering to work on the future of financial services for sellers who are just starting their business, don't know how they'll survive the next year, or have been rejected services from traditional financial institutions. Square is a dream. We're hiring, come join us.

Cypress Design Co. is a printmaking shop that I run. Original prints are all done by hand—they're carved from linoleum or rubber, colors are mixed by eye (which I normally can't see, lol), and are hand pressed and pulled. Most are inspired by nature, others are just rad stuff I wanted to work on with friends.

Let's grab a coffee some time. If you're in SF, hit me up. Otherwise, feel free to schedule something.

Design work

Working for Square has been the most impactful and emotionally rewarding work I've ever been apart of. For ~5 years, I've been working on a suite of financial products: Balance (every Square payments customer's earned money), Square Card (a free, no application business debit card for our sellers), and Transfers (balance management).

Occasionally, friends convince me to work on side projects with them on nights and weekends. I get suckered into them because they know how to get me with themes that I'm passionate about: sustainability, health, or self-motivated education.


Design Lead @ Square

Mar 2020 – Present

Product Designer @ Square

Dec 2017 – Mar 2020

Designer @ Pivotus Ventures

Sep 2016 – Dec 2017

Designer @ Toast Mobile

May 2014 – Aug 2016